Leadership Team

amirAmir Kahani (Phd) – Managing Director Amir has an experience of 25 years working in sales ,marketing and management in a variety of high-tech enterprises and industry. Amir served as CEO and owner of software products.
He previously served as vice president of sales and business development as well as several large companies he worked for many years in various sales positions in leading companies such as IBM, Matrix and more.
He holds a MBA from the University of Manchester, Graduate School of IBM’s sales worldwide, a certified trainer (ICF) and is used in a sunbeam mentor and tutor certified by the Industry and Trade.

eranEran Alufi (CPA) – Managing Director Eran is a certified Public Accountant and has an independent practice. He served and escorted medium and large companies. Eran has an extensive experience in business entrepreneurship in Israel and abroad, and brings economic thinking with business ability.
Eran has worked for more than 5 years in the Indian market. He served as a COO for an India company with more than 120 employees Eran was in charge of all the business aspects and has dealt with large local companies like IOCL Pvt. Ltd.
Eran also bring an understanding of the global market with proven ability and knowledge in executing, streamlining procedures with solution orientation