Company Profile GI Connect builds a partnership between the Indian marketplace and solution providers from Israel and Europe. Serving both private and government sectors, GI Connect provides unique and advanced solutions based on the needs of the Indian people. We provide marketing, sales and support in the implementation process, in order to fulfill the needs.

GI Connect is a leader in bringing advanced solutions to the Indian market, based upon accurate needs and demands. We build partnerships with world-wide business and companies that can sell, implement and support their solutions for the long term in the Indian market.

GI Connect works in several fields : Homeland Security, Water treatment, Dairy, Oil &Gas and agriculture. GI Connect meets real needs with real results by finding the best priced and performing solution that fits the Indian market to support the people of india.

We believe that we have the accurate connections to bring the best price/performance solutions to the Global market.
Why are we are doing this? Based on our human values, we would like to support the people of India to improve their life quality and enrich their personal well-being.